Database of Insights from IndieHacker Podcast

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Database of Insights from IndieHacker Podcast

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An airtable database starting with 25 episodes, with 15+ columns of data per episode.

50+ hours of work.

Do you find the indiehacker podcast valuable and inspiring? But do you also wish there was a way to find episodes that are most relevant to you and your business

Some ways YOU can use this database. You can...

  • select an episode to listen to based on the topics covered

  • filter by the business model to find only B2B Subscription businesses or paid newsletter business for example.

  • get inspired by business ideas and trends. For example, the podcasting industry one with @mubashariqbal and bundling / unbundling trend with @tilikang.

  • read all parting advice from various episodes in one view to find patterns and lessons.

  • get recommendation of other resources of indies - books, podcasts, newsletters mentioned by the guest.

  • see a list of tools and tech stack different founders are using to build their products.

  • find founders who have something in common with you. For example those who happen to be parents or who happen to be non-technical.

  • click through all of the names and simply follow all guests on twitter!

  • find names of other indie builders mentioned, go look them up and learn from them. (that's how I first came across Stacking the Bricks as guest kept mentioning Amy and Alex for example)

  • oh and search by how much money $$$ each business is making of course!

If ANY one of those sound useful to you, get your copy now!

25 episodes. And read access as I add more episodes.

Note: Airtable Invite will be sent to the email address you use at checkout, at the end of the day.

P.S. By the way, in addition to the podcast, IndieHacker's is also a community of aspiring founders - join the forum, subscribe to the newsletter, follow the founders.

I want this!

Access to the full airtable of structured notes. Airtable Invite will be sent to the email address you use at checkout.

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